Warrior magnos

Magnos, the Binary Star Sentinel

Magnos the Binary Star Sentinel is a Darkspore Quantum Sentinel from Zelem's Nexus who is able to manipulate gravity and mass. His abilities, although shared by most members of his species, are unique because of a natural mutation he possesses that makes him more powerful than any other fighter in his clan. Originally a warrior who fought for sport in the ring, the Darkspore invasion forced him to join the Insurgency and use his abilities to repel the monstrous invaders.

Revelation Edit

Magnos was first seen in a picture at Comic-con 2010, but his name, abilities, and backstory were not revealed until later on at

Lore Edit

Like all members of his clan, Magnos possessed a superior ability to manipulate mass. But Magnos' power came not simply by genetic lineage... but by genetic mutation. His body could feed directly from any source of radiation: cosmic rays, plutonium ions, or lasers. And in the ring, Magnos was invincible.

When the Darkspore conquered Zelem's Nexus, Magnos and his mightiest opponents—the few he'd left alive—formed a devastating wrecking crew.

Combining their hatred of the Darkspore, their limitless endurance and their unmatchable quantum attacks, they ripped apart a Dreadnought with nothing but their armoured hands, and ripped a hole in the myth of Darkspore invincibility forever.

Abilities Edit

Abilities orbitalslam
Orbital Slam

Unleashes a gravity-assisted physical assault, dealing heavy damage to a single foe.

Abilities gravitywell
Gravity Well

Gravitationally launches enemies towards Magnos, wounding them based on distance traveled.

Abilities wave
Kinetic Wave (Squad Ability)

Blasts back nearby enemies, with the gravitational forces harming the closest the most.

Abilities resonance

Increases the damage of Orbital Slam based on Magnos's defensive capabilities.

Warrior screens magnos

Images of Magnos.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever Magnos uses his Gravity Well ability, he produces a low-pitched roar.
  • Magnos's name may be a play on the word "Magnetic", refering to his gravitational powers.

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