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The knowledge base dedicated to Spore - the computer simulation video game developed by Will Wright - that anyone can edit
1,394 articles and 43,540 files since January 2006!
Please capitalize article names correctly: things with specific names (for example the Planet Buster) has capitalized words, while articles about general types of things (like yellow stars) don't.

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A Relation Face, or Mood Face is the result of Relation bonuses. There are five basic faces, although there are three exceptions.




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Featured fiction: Uniate League

Uniate Flower

The Divine League of Uniate Spodist Nations, usually referred to simply as the Uniate League, is an intergovernmental organisation of Spodist nations founded in 2810 following the Marko Colonial War and Da Reckoning. It serves as a secular extension of the Great Communion, a monumental reunification of the Gigaqudrant's many Spodist churches: most of the League's member states either have one of these Uniate churches as their state religion, or large portions of their populations that adhere to them. A brainchild of the Divinarian nationalist Phaunar Tansimael and Pazumiri cleric Kazari Selfar, the League serves as a spiritual successor to the pre-War of Ages Church of Spode, more so than its actual legal successor, the Holy Empire of the Divinarium.

Created by TheImperios

Featured captain: Willelmus Cretacea


A wise admiral is never surprised by a scenario, for he has run them all in his head during sleepless nights.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Willelmus Cretacea is a male Libertus Fleet Admiral who serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus. Famed for his role in many of the most important wars in galactic history, such as the Trucinex War, the Intergalactic War as well as both the First and the Second Great Cyrannus Wars, Cretacea is amongst the most renowned tacticians in Cyrannus. Cretacea's family has been among the most notable in the galaxy's history, with his son, Aedanius becoming the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, leading the great nation through many wars and hardships, ultimately becoming one of the Gigaquadrant's most respected figures.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured story: Cyrannian Cold War/Part V: The Shattered Peace

The Shattered Peace

She tried to wake up. She couldn't. Images flashed in her mind and she could hear distant voices both strange and familiar. Illumination came only with brilliant red, carving a sinister path through the void, shredding the heavens. She still couldn't wake up. She couldn't escape his gaze.

"The future may be transient, but if we grasp at the proper moment, it will all proceed as planned—the ruination of the Republic, the final expunging of the Light and the continuation of our rule into perpetuity."

Ships clashed, leaders fell, planets ripped in two. The Operation? Dozens of dark voices repeated the word over and over again. Operation, operation.

"They think themselves secure? It is an illusion,"

"There can be no escape from that which we will unleash,"

"And with one fell swoop, the Republic crumbles to dust".

Created by Dinoman82, OluapPlayer and Cyrannian

Featured creature: Tzquuucha


Tzquuucha is the mythological name (pronounced as ts-k-uu-ch-a) of a malevolent force commonly believed to exist by inhabitants of the Tuuros Galaxy, that acts through the development of technology. This word was loaned by languages of the greater Gigaquadrant, where through folk etymology it came to be interpreted as acronyms SCEUtER or SCUTER: the people of the Gigaquadrant apparently found a very similar motif to the Tuurosian belief in their own techno-mysticism. SCEUtER stands for Synchronising Cultural Extelligence Unit to Engineer Regress, but it also has many other variations (see below).

Created by Wormulon


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