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Sol is the Latin name for the Sun. In the game of Spore, it is Earth's planetary system that contains the Sun itself (the planetary system's star), the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and the natural satellites, Luna, Ganymede and Titan . Notably Ceres, Pluto, Eris, and the other dwarf planets are missing from the game, but that is due to the fact that Pluto's status was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet and the rest are dwarf planets. The Asteroid belt found in the Sol system was added in a patch, but did not initially exist in the game. However, some objects in our actual Solar System such as the Kuiper Belt are still missing from the game.




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Featured fiction: Talven Empire

Talven Empire Flag

Never put all your faith in a single strategy, a single leader, a single planet. Adaptability is survivability.

- High Councilor Balbus Marinus

The Talven Empire (sometimes referred to informally as Talva, after its founding species) is an expanding empire in the Milky Way Galaxy. Forged by over a century of struggling to survive in pirate-infested space, the Empire is known for its defensive shielding and armor technologies, along with its distrust of foreigners. The Empire believes strongly in order, honor, and duty, while its foreign policy is based around its people's need to be in control of their environments.

Created by Treebeard1010102

Featured captain: Earath


None of us are quite sure where he came from. He claims to have been raised by the Sand Drakes, yet all people know to to fear their dreadful kind for good reason. ... Young Earath, regardless of his origins, carries a certain charm wherever he goes and his attitude reflects greatly on everyone he meets, though some would say to take caution of him during a fight; he wields that heavy greatsword of his as if it was an extension of his own body and when it is time to spill blood, mercy is the first thing he throws off the table.

- Sergeant Ibirqa Ganydes of the Merovar Dynasty

Earath Drakenor, true surname unknown, is a member of the Merovar race who serves as a wandering warrior and mercenary, whose services have gone from the Sea of Sand to the north of the Eastern Plains. An aspiring hero raised by the legendary Vixaatus, Earath does all in his power to defend the innocent and bring the corrupt to justice, seeking to prove himself a capable defender of the world to his peers, especially his adoptive father.

Created by OluapPlayer

Featured story: Apotheosis


Everything that once was, will come to pass again. The Lord of Light wrought the seeds of the life song, molding that which he bestowed sentience in his own image, imparter of life and knowledge. Lord and master of the golden age. Passer of judgement to the destructive and the champion of the good. The First Apotheosis. Thus, the vectors of chaos and order rose. Two lights of fate struggling toward the Light. The Second Apotheosis. Thus shall it come to pass: The hidden One shall guide the hand of the First to the Home of the Light. Apotheosis.

- Ancient Oikoumene Prophecy

Created by Cyrannian

Featured creature: Radeon

Primeverse Radeons

What they lack in strength, they compensate in strategy. What they lack in tolerance, they compensate in faith. Sapients think they know them and thus judge them for their outline, yet they are as unpredictable as the greatest, most devastating of storms.

- Tyraz

The Radeons (Radessic: Radéion - Spode's High Crusaders, plural can be both "Radeon" and "Radeons") are an artificial rodent-like species native to Vendespode, originating from the Intergalactic Rifts but currently inhabiting the Andromeda Galaxy. A prominent and well-known race, they are notable for their advanced technology, unusual biology stemming from their Rades origins, orderly, collectivistic society and their ancient religion which is among the most widespread faiths of the First Gigaquadrant.

Created by TheImperios


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