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Featured Article

Turrets are small, perimeter-placed structures that can be added to any colony or city under your control. Turrets in Civilization Stage have 600 health, whereas turrets in the Space Stage are more powerful and have from 200 up to 1,200 health. The Uber Turret is another, more powerful turret.




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Featured fiction: The Zarbania Powers

ZP Symbol

We are born from war. Such a mantel was forced upon us, and we have come from the fires of damnation to finally gain a foothold in politics across the gigaquadrant. With our power, shall come order, and through order, shall come peace.

- Gridlock

The Zarbania Powers are powerful empire native to the Mirus, but with Colonies in the Milky way, Phradox, and Quadrantic galaxies. Ever-aggressive and ever-expansive, the Zarbanian people have down much to ensure their presence is felt in the First Gigaquadrant at large. While a totalitarian state by any means, the Zarbanians regularly engage in rather dark politicking, be it using military force against the slightest resistance to their ends, or manipulating smaller, resistant states into following their goals and coming into their orbit.

Created by Zillafire101

Featured captain: Ryen


The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, young Aoirtae. Regardless of how many turns it takes.

- Ryen imparks some wisdom on his pupil Aoirtae

Ryen is a mysterious male Osteola loyal to the New Cyrannian Republic as well as an enigmatic order of warriors, sages and knights united in opposition to Tyrómairon and his Phaedric Order. A wise, kindly though stern figure, Ryen is equally adapt at solving problems diplomatically as he is with his energy sword. As a young Osteola, Ryen quickly discovered that he was attuned to the unknown energies permeating the Cyrannus Galaxy, granting him abilities ranging from telekinesis to the ability to harness fire and lightning in the palm of his hands.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured story: Odyssey of the Desert

Khyannarith the Deathless

The Odyssey of the Sand, officially known as the Sandstorm War, is a major event in the history of the Sea of Sand of Koldenwelt which marked a sociopolitical uprising within Khaepsha-ultan incited by an internal faction - the Southern Revolution - and a combined offensive from exterior powers, including the likes of the Merovar Dynasty and Mivtzar.

Created by Lucario of the Gods

Featured creature: Quadrantia Radeon

Quadrantia RadeonLarge

The Quadrantia Radeon are a Radeon subspecies now native to the Quadrant Galaxies. Notably smaller than other Radeon species found across the First Gigaquadrant, they are also known to be more friendly and generous, fitting well into Rambo Nation society. The Quadrantia Radeon were once Qiranit Radeon, living in Cyrannus but fled the galaxy due to the tyrannic rule of Agnassana and began viewing their Cyrannian brothers and sisters as misguided.

Most of the Quadrantia Radeon still worship Spode and hold dear to the ancient traditions of the Church of Spode. However, their beliefs are also influenced by local faiths, and they do not recognise the religious authority of the Divinarium and its ruler. For this reason, the Quadrantia Radeon have their own Clericarch, appointed by the monarch.

Created by TheImperios and Dinoman82


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