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A Masaari Statue in Adventure Town.

The Masaari Statue is a stone model created by Maxis, which can be found in various Maxis-made adventures in Spore Galactic Adventures as well as the Sporepedia. It is famous for, in Adventure Town, being claimed to be the statue of the character named Steve, whom you meet when your creature reaches the center of the Spore Galaxy; in Concert in the Park, the statue is claimed to represent the city's founder. The statue's features are very similar to the that of the Travie, also a Maxis-made creature, but upon closer inspection they do not exactly match, most notably in the feet.

Mystery and Speculation Edit

Many Spore players have began speculating and investigating the Masaari Statue trying to find possible secrets and form theories. For example, the statue's name "Masaari" has been noticed to be similar to the word "Messiah", which is a religious term meaning a high priest or holy ruler. This can be tied together with "the God That Will Come", leading to the possible conclusion that Steve may be the deity. This could also have links with the Grox's philosophy, since Steve is found hiding from the Grox.

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