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A creature performing a Mating Call

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A Cell using the Mating Call ability

Mating Call is an ability with only one useful function, only helpful in the Cell Stage and Creature Stage. The main purpose of this ability is to help lead you back to your home nest and find a mate. Using the Mating Call near to the nest of a hostile species will attract their attention, so it is recommended that you perform it away from any aggressive creatures. All mouths have the mating call, each unique to the type of mouth used. For example, the mating call of the birds of prey mouths resembles that of a peacock, whilst the fish mouths resemble a dolphin.

The Mating Call becomes available in Cell Stage after obtaining 14 DNA points. Unlike the Creature Stage, where your mate is always ready to mate, you can only mate in Cell Stage by performing the Mating Call and swimming over to another member of your species.

Making the mouth bigger or smaller can change the pitch of the creature's mating call, along with the rest of the sounds it makes. It is also retained in Spore Galactic Adventures like all the other abilities in the creature stage. However, it has no use for captains.

Creature Stage abilities

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