Meat (or flesh) is a type of food in Spore, encountered thought Cell Stage to Tribal Stage, every creature possesses the meat and provides a food source for carnivorous, and omnivorous creatures.


Cell stage Edit

Cell Meat

Microscopic meat, the food of carnivores

Killing cells and breaking them open will release three or more chunks of meat. Meat can also be scavenged, but free meats will become rarer as the level progresses. Only carnivores who possesses Jaw mouth can eat meat chunks.

Creature stage Edit

After killing a creature, its meat can be eaten. Dead creatures can be scavenged, but they are very rare. If meat is left alone for too long, it will rot. Meat in Creature stage acts as the primary food source for carnivores, and omnivores. If an herbivore attempts to eat any meat, it will instantly vomit it back up and gain no hunger benefit from it. If an epic kills a creature, the epic would pick it up and eat it in one bite.

Tribal stage Edit

Killing wild animals will gain the player access to their meat. It is the hardest form of food to gain, as weapons must be used to kill them instead of gathering them. Killing an Epic creature can give a player large amounts of meat to eat.

Other stages Edit

Meat does not appear in the Civilization stage or Space stage in a usable form. However, carnivores or omnivores may be encountered eating dead creatures in the Space Stage, and carnivorous or omnivorous tribes may have meat in their food piles.

Spore Galactic Adventures Edit

In Spore Galactic Adventures, piles/bowls of meat can be put in as a prop for an adventure. Only the meat platter can be picked up by creatures.

Spore 2010-11-12 17-39-07

Pile Meat

Spore 2010-11-12 17-44-45

Meat Platter

Cancelled Stages Edit

Meat will be not appeared in the Molecular stage since there would be no multicellular creatures. It would have appeared in the Aquatic stage just as if it had in the Creature stage. It may have appeared in the City stage as a source of food for the city to use.

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