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And Meditron emerged to hunt any who hunted him.

Meditron the Repair-Bot is a Cyber Tempest from the game Darkspore. He was a retired medic who inhabited Infinity, but a pack of Darkspore mutants hunted him down when he returned from an event. Repurposing his healing system as a weapon, he soon found himself joining the Crogenitor Insurgency to fight off the Darkspore invaders. He shares his Genesis type and class with SRS-42.

Revelation Edit

He was seen fighting alongside Arakna and Sage when Darkspore's demo at GamesCom was first demonstrated, but his name, abilities, and backstory were not revealed until later on.

Lore Edit

An explorer, Meditron returned to his home enclave on Infinity to discover that the Darkspore had mutated every intelligent species into genetic slavery.

Horrified, Meditron escaped, warning every creature he'd previously encountered of the impending Darkspore Armageddon. But while fleeing through the canyons of Iktotom, Darkspore creatures shot him down, making Meditron crash inside a crevasse called Iktotom’s Skull.

And there inside the Skull lay a discovery beyond reckoning.

Iktotom’s Skull was an abandoned laboratory of what had obviously been a vast alien intelligence. The lab gleamed with indecipherable technology run by almost unfathomable science. Yet there were fragments Meditron could understand, including one word: “Crogenitor.”

Meditron calculated a plan. Knowing that his pursuers were closing in on him, he redesigned and repurposed the nanobots he had once used for detection, healing, and perception-amplification. Accelerating nanobot production from millions to billions per minute, he lay in wait for those who planned to destroy him.

And when the Darkspore attacked, Meditron penetrated their central nervous systems with nanobiotic beams that amplified their sensory perception, especially the sense of pain.

Those Darkspore experienced such agony that they ripped themselves apart.

And Meditron emerged to hunt all those who would hunt him.

Abilities Edit

Abilities nanoswarm

Launches a swarm of destructive nanobots that will home in on an unsuspecting target.

Abilities syndrome
Syndrome Shift

Transfers negative effects on Meditron's allies to his enemies and positive effects on Meditron's enemies to his allies.

Abilities reconstruct
Reconstruct (Squad Ability)

Channels a stream of nanobots that heal an ally and temporarily grants them additional maximum health.

Abilities sentrydrone
Sentry Drone

A small drone that constantly orbits around Meditron and fires laser bolts at his foes.

In addition to these attacks, Meditron can also use the Zetawatt Beam.


  • Meditron's name is a combination of "Medic", referring to his title of "Repair Bot", and "Tron", a suffix commonly added to the names of fictional cybernetic characters.
  • Meditron and Skar are the hero with the most number of limbs, having a total of 8: 3 pairs of legs and one pair of arms.
  • Meditron was originally from Zelem's Nexus, but in the BETA program, his homeworld was changed to Infinity. If this never changed, Meditron would have been the only hero to not originate from the planet of which his gensis type is indigenous to.

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