Meejee's Species is a species that lives in the Mushroom Valley on the planet that Spore Hero is based, named after the first known creature of his kind. The Big Chief, Espee, Mordok, and Fuzmik are also of Meejee's species.


Blue Meteor

Meejee inspecting a Blue Crystal Meteor.

Meejee, a member of a species named after him, teaches the Sporeling how to eat and other members teach him other things like fighting. The rest of Meejee's tribe consists of the Big Chief, Espee, Mordok, and Fuzmik, and they only appeared in the Mushroom Valley.

After the blue Crystal Meteor landed he evolved and gained wings and spike protrusions on his back, along with all of his species evolving to have all of his new features. His mouth also turns into a songbird's mouth, however his mouth is not shown to transform in the game or in the first cutscene.

Later, he walks into the Ancient Grounds. When the Sporeling enters the Ancient Grounds he asks it to talk to the old Sage.

In Spore Hero, Meejee's default Level in Play Now mode is level 4.