The Meepers are the second friendly species in Spore Creatures that you encounter, and are very easy to make friends with. They are found in Trunkle, Tapti, where they are the main species. They look like Starspecks but they have many differences. They have the Heal Bio-power. Their enemy is the Supupie who also resides in Trunkle. It is said in the Sporepedia that the Meepers view the Kimpoko as the guardians of the cave to Noodlin. This suggests that Meepers fear and respect the Kimpoko.

From the Spore Creatures Sporepedia:

"The Meepers are a charming and simple lot. The males respond to calls of 'Mr. Meepers', though they have no way of understanding the greeting."


  • The Meepers are the mascot of Spore Creatures, as the Spoffit is to Spore Galactic Adventures. This can be proven by the Meepers on the Main Menu, and the cheat, "All NPCs are Meepers".
  • There is an extended ending if you have played Spore Creatures two times on the same save file. It shows an UFO beam. A Meeper finds it, gets beamed up by it, and the words "The End?" appear.
  • In Spore Hero Arena, Yeedo is confused about what creature the player's creature is, and exclaims, "What are you, a Meeper?" this suggests that Yeedo has visited, or is aware, of Tapti's existence.

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