Space Stage Unlocked

Melting planets are very similar to Water planets, but they differ in their terrascores. They can be occasionally be found naturally across the galaxy, but can also be terraformed by slightly warming up an Ice planet until the ice starts to melt. The oceans are very shallow and gray in colour with chunks of ice. There is usually some landmass, which is Pale Blue. These planets have two hazards, the dangerous Electric Storms and Ice Geysers. The planet itself is barren with lots of atmosphere to sustain life. Water planets have high atmospheres, while melting planets have almost as thick atmospheres. These are usually found on Blue orbits, although very few can be found on outer Green orbits. They will change into Ice planets or Water planets if any terraforming changes are made.

Hazards Edit


An Ice Geyser

Hazards Minor Damage Medium Damage Major Damage
Electric Storms X O O
Ice Geysers X O X

Electric Storms Edit

These are clouds that float in the atmosphere and can damage your ship, and severely if you don't move.

Ice Geysers Edit

Ice Geysers shooting ice and gas from under the surface. They can damage your ship if you fly too close. They are unpredictable and shoot up from random locations on the surface.

On Melting Planets, the some of the water is replaced by solid ice, and the land is a pale blue. As the T-score increases, the land becomes fertile, and the Ice melts, the Water lowers, with land that appears in its place.

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