Merak: The Devastator, fighting Arakna, Sage, Magnos, and Goliath.

Merak: The Devastator is a Plasma boss from the game Darkspore. He is fought on the planet Cryos. His attacks include unleashing plasma arcs that converge on one hero at a time, delivering substantial damage. During the fight, he will often spawn many small, crawling creatures that move around the battlefield, leaving trails of fiery plasma that deal damage to any hero caught standing in one. In one gameplay video, Merak can be seen using an ability that appears to be Zrin's 'Plasma Column' ability.

On's main page, there is a stone-like creature with a yellow mask holding a button that says "What is Darkspore?". According to Paul Sottosanti on the Darkspore forum, this is a version of Merak without his plasma effects and wearing a special mask. In the Co-op Trailer for Darkspore, Merak is actually seen ingame wearing this mask during battle. His purpose for wearing it is unknown.

Darkspore Merak-Masked

"That is Merak, the Devastator with a fancy new mask. He's the same as the boss shown in the still frame of the video to the right of it" - Paul Sottosanti

Lore Edit

Hailing from a powerful faction of plasma specialists, Crogenitor Merak was charismatic and ambitious. Tragically for the galaxy, his intelligence, training and ethics never rose to match his thirst for power.

While working in the Nexus alongside Zelem himself, Merak accidentally shattered three per cent of the Shield Ring. The damage was costly to repair, but far costlier in lives: thousands of Zelemi perished. Disgraced by a disaster that even his powerful allies could not hide, Merak disappeared from public life. In secret, he began secretly colluding with Crogenitor Xylan on dangerous E-DNA experiments.

When the Crogenitors exiled Xylan, Merak knew his sponsor would eventually return to seize leadership of the galaxy. Using all the influence he had left, Merak purchased key defense secrets. He traded them to the Corruptor for transfections to make him powerful enough to crush both their enemies.

Merak became an incarnation of plasma, able to weaponize lightning and meteors. During the final attack on Perceptum, Merak personally directed the destruction of the Perceptory, obliterating the institution containing the very greatness that he himself could never achieve.


  • Merak's feet appear to be the same as Blitz's feet.