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  • Hello, I am speaking on behalf of the community when I say I want to discuss some things regarding your Fantasy Universe-setting fiction.

    It has come to our attention that your fiction, particularly the Leshi and the Preservers of Wilderness alongside affiliated characters, breaches the guidelines and rules regarding fiction for both new and experienced users.

    1. The range and nature of the abilities and powers regarding your fiction is considered by the rest of the community as being potentially severely overpowered and thus at risk of being considered non-canon. I would suggest toning down the power scale of your fiction and characters if you want them to be respected. It would also be wise to detail a range of weaknesses and counters which balance your fiction alongside depowering their initial abilities which you have depicted.
    2. The inclusion of "God" in your fiction can potentially upset and arouse the concern of others due to religious backgrounds and other factors. It would be wise to refrain from using and directly referencing God in your fiction so as to show respect towards others. This also can result in your fiction being seen as overpowered.
    3. Your edits to the Source page have not been discussed with the rest of the community or the administrators of the Fantasy Universe setting. It is always a wise decision to discuss such content with the community before adding it to any significant pages that affect the rest of the participating users.

    If you want to discuss anything, I would encourage using the IRC client in order to chat with the rest of the community , or if you are unable to, make a blog or talk with users on their message walls.

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    • Also note "God" doesn't exist in the Fantasy Universe in any way. We have our own pantheon of deities and the human God isn't part of it.

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    • Hi Lucario,

      Oh, I see... Thank you about your criticisms. For Problems No. 1 & 2, You and the rest of the users are opened widely to edit my fiction.

      For Problem No.3 (About The Source), I've corrected it.

      I'm sorry for the inconveniences and troubles that I do.

      Thank you...

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    • Hello, would you like to join SporeWiki:IRC to discuss how to join the Fantasyverse with us?

      Re: We don't really want to fix those edits for you. It's up to you to correct it if you want your fiction to remain in the Fantasyverse. There is always the option of creating a personal universe with your own rules.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • SporeWikiWelcome Wiki
    Welcome to SporeWiki! If you need help editing, check the editing article and the forums. If you have particular questions about Spore that you can't find in an article there, come down to our Spore discussion and we'll do what we can to get your answer. Alternatively, you could check out the SporeWiki IRC channel. Feel free to delete this message from your talk page if you like, or keep it for reference.

    Before you begin editing, please thoroughly read the ruleset. If you want to join the SporeWiki fiction universe, be sure to check out the the guidelines set by other uses, to help you know where to start.

    Again, welcome! ~~

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