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Hey, a user named Andreas recently edited a lot at, and I followed a mention on his talk page here, where he commented that there was another sporewiki.

It's not that we particularly mind that other wikis exist, there isn't anything wrong with that at all. And we DO understand that communities want something that belongs to them like their own forums and such.

But what bothers me is how confusing this kind of thing will be to people new to Spore.

What I found most interesting is that your wiki is actually called SporeWiki, not XSporeWIki or xSporeWiki. (You can see this by the title bar in your browser window or by looking at the special:statistics, or special:search pages). This confused me, and I understand the differences between the two. All of your pages in your project namespace will be SporeWIki:Title, just like ours and that is kind of bothersome especially to new people. With a site that looks the same and is essentially called the same thing, we are looking at quite a bit of confusion from people who are looking for spore info, after all, wiki's are made for the people who will read them, not the people who will edit them, right?

Also, your main page was completly jacked from SporeWiki, which is interesting. We aren't saying we made the design (we didn't), but it seems kind of strange that a second wiki (on exactly the same subject) would be made and the main page wouldn't even get a redesign. I realize it's new and that's fine, but if you are going to use a wiki and borrow our design, at least reference sporewiki in some fashion, like a comment code or something.

My biggest question is...why? We contacted the webmaster here early in this sites existance because we wanted to make a stronger affiliation, I don't believe we got any agreement though but we have had on our affiliates page since it's inception even though there hasn't been a linkback from here. But SporeWiki was intended as a Spore Fansite community thing, we don't run ads (same as here, which I love), and we have been trying to get all the sporeinfo possible together in one place since januray or so. That is nothing against this site and the last thing I'd want to do is spur on tension between sites because that's the worst thing (especially for two wiki sites). Differing websites are cool because people like small groups to talk about a game and that's why they flourish, differing forums are cool for the same reason. But wiki's basically are more or less better the more people they have, they don't have the "community" of forums, but they have a kind of final product that no forum or website can really compete with. They are organized by the masses and filled by the masses so that the people unfamiliar with the game can get as much info as possible. I REALLY think that having two seperate wiki's is a bad thing for the community (especially when they have the same name) of spore, and for all the people who want to know more about the game.

One wiki will inevitably have some things the other doesn't, and that means that both will be worse then they could be together. I've seen things ALREADY on this wiki here that I like, but there IS a lot missing, and I'm sure eventually you will get the same amount of info as SporeWiki has although it will be different and you will miss some things, and we will miss some things. But if we all worked together we could create an even better wiki then we would manage seperate. I'm suggesting this because I think all the work on is awesome and it could get huge, but a wiki exists, and has a very welcoming and cooperative community already. I haven't heard of any complaints or anything like that. If this is a desire to be "in control" of a wiki, then it's not like we are opposed to giving out some sysop statuses to anyone who deserved them from contributions here. We're just looking to make the most comprehensive database of information and I really don't see why the spore community as a whole would want to split up their efforts.

I REALLY don't mean this as anything like a threat or an attack whatsoever. I just wanted to say what I thought, and see what the community here thinks. I have nothing against this site as I said before and I really hope that together we can work together to not be one community instead of two spore fan communities. We definitly would like to find an established site to list as our wiki's "forums" for things that are better for forums then talk pages. We were thinking of making one ourselves but a seperate one might work too if it was needed in the future.

I invite you to take a look around at and offer your criticisms or reasons why a seperate wiki is a good thing for people new to spore. We would love suggestions so that we (as in all spore fans) can make an awesome wiki that will share everything that can possibly be known. Thanks for reading :)

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