Mildor is a planet that is briefly mentioned in The Arena of Oorama adventure. It is a swampy planet located somewhere in the Spore Galaxy, possibly quite remote. The planet is home to large megafauna, including the Grankor, a massive dragon/dinosaur apex predator, one of which is fought by Leh'Ni in the Arena of Oorama on planet Oorama.


  • Grankor
  • Large quantities of flora (Mildor is a swamp planet)
  • Large quantities of fauna (In order for the Grankor to survive.)


Little is known about the climate of Mildor other then that it is swampy. However, Mildor must by necessity have at the very least a T-1 climate (though T-3 is very likely due to the sheer amount of food that would be required to feed a Grankor and swamps have a large variety of life).


  • Mildor may be a reference to Dagobah, a swamp planet from Star Wars.
  • The Grankor, which is native to Mildor, is an obvious reference to the Rankor from Star Wars.
  • The name Mildor may come from a mutation of the word Mildew.

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