A military takeover in the Civilization Stage.

A military takeover is the method by which conquerors can take over cities and planets in the Civilization Stage and the Space Stage. To begin the process to start a military takeover, the player must start an attack of the targeted city or solar system.

Civilization StageEdit


First, the player must have an military city, or military vehicles. Then, they must send the military vehicles to attack a computer controlled city. The military vehicles start firing missiles at the city and eventually capture it. Remember that the more military vehicles that you have attacking one city, the faster the military takeover bar will fill up. Once the bar is full, the opposing city will resign and surrender the city over to your nation. If you have nine cities and you are attacking the only other one, it may give up similar to a Diplomatic Takeover.

Spice Derrick

After setting an attack on a Spice Derrick, your Military Units will bombard it until it has been destroyed. Then the unit will throw a Spice Derrick Pack at the Revenue as if you were capturing it from the raw geyser.

Space StageEdit

Although it is much easier to do them one at a time, the player can have infinite attacks active at a time. The attack is visible on the galaxy view as an X over the opposing star system with your empire's color over it. Once the star system has been captured, the X will stay on the map, but it will have faded to gray.

When an attack is in place an military capture bar will be displayed, which will start at 0%. A military takeover of the star system is possible when the military takeover bar reaches 100%. The current owners of the system won't alert the player the moment this happens. To capture the star system, the "Capture" button at the top of the screen must be clicked. Then, the opposing empire will offer its surrender. Their surrender may be accepted. Doing so will grant the player what is left of the opposing empire's colonies. The player may also simply destroy what is left of the colonies, but the opposing empire could still win and regain the system.

Relation BonusEdit

Military Takeover Bar

The Military Takeover bar

There is a -100 relation bonus that is given for capturing a star system through force. If, despite this bonus, the relation with the empire is allowed to decay too far, the Relation Bonus will eventually be forgotten.


  • Conqueror - This badge is awarded for either destroying or capturing star systems.
  • Warmonger - This badge is awarded for starting wars with rival empires.
  • Body Guard - This badge is awarded for protecting empires from attacks, such as pirates or enemies.

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