The minimap is a map of your area, displayed in the lower-left corner of your screen. It is displayed in all stages except the Cell Stage, which is because of no map in particular.

The minimap displays your location, your areas, other creatures, and other features. When seen in the Space Stage, it is of great importance.

To hide the minimap, click on the small triangle on the upper-right. Click on it again to bring it up.

Creature StageEdit

  • Your creature (shown as a green arrow).
  • Creature nests (unexplored nests show as question marks, explored but unaffected nests are plain, allied nests show as smiling faces, and extinct nests show as a skull and crossbones).
  • Home nest location (or it's direction indicated by a directional bubble).
  • Your migration path and beyond (once you reach the first brain upgrade). Is shown as a dashed white line.
  • Fruit trees (food for herbivores and omnivores).  

Tribal StageEdit

  • Tribe members (indicated by dots of the associated tribe's color).
  • Tribes' huts (with mouse-over information regarding tribe size and relationship).
  • Creature nests (food sources for carnivores and omnivores).
  • Fruit trees (food sources for herbivores and omnivores).

Civilization StageEdit

  • Cities (marked by the faction color).
  • Vehicles (marked by the faction color).
  • Spice geysers (marked by owning faction color; will be gray if geyser is unclaimed).
  • Trade routes between cities (white paths).

Space StageEdit

  • Cities and Colonies (With mouse-over information regarding morale, spice income, and defenses).
  • Spaceships (yours, and spaceships of the local empire if on their planets).
  • Uber Turrets (flying defense items)
  • Colonization structures (Wildlife Sanctuary, Bio Protector, Bio Stabalizer, Happiness Booster, Loyalty Booster, Spice Storage, Embassy).
  • If you are on a Zoo planet, the minimap will be dotted with small nest icons. Mousing-over these nests will display the species and diet.


  • Click on a location in the minimap to move your creature to that location in the Creature Stage.
  • Click on a location in the minimap to move the camera to that location in the Tribal and Civilization stages.
  • Double-click on a location in the minimap to jump the camera to that location in the Tribal and Civilization stages.
  • Clicking the map while in your UFO in the Space stage will navigate your craft to that location.

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