Minno is a Maxis-made cell, and the first you meet in the Cell Stage. Minno has a notably large number of eyes. It has no means of defense and is very slow, making it easy prey for carnivores and non-threatening to fellow herbivores. It has a filter mouth at the front of its body, a flagella at the back, and five eyes along the body. It is also transparent and has a pattern, as with all cells. Unlike most of the NPC cells, none of its parts are hidden. It shares this trait with Booster, Jetster, and Grubby.


  • Its name sounds like minnow.
  • They are often seen being chased by Goldy.
  • Minnos are the smallest cells that are Maxis-made.
  • They are the first Maxis creation to be found in the game, unless you start on the hard difficulty, in which it could be Goldy.
  • Their genders are male and female (Despite only having a female tone of voice).
  • The large amount of eyes and the general shape of the Minno could be an allusion to bacteria, who sometimes have long, eyelike structures in their bodies.


Minno make a "Mooo!" sound when they see you as a carnivore and they're prey sized. It makes a "eepeep" sound when hurt and runs away making a "woahawoahaha" noise.

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