A submarine firing a missile.

Missiles are self-propelled and guided explosive weapons fired by sea vehicles in Civilization Stage and Galactic Adventures, and by land vehicles in the latter of those. In Space Stage, turrets will also fire similar weapons at attacking spaceships.

Military sea vehicles fire missiles in Civilization Stage. They have a long range, reaching as far as the furthest building from the ocean in a port city. They are capable of traveling over even longer distances if they are fired towards a moving target and the target moves away from the missile.

In Space Stage, similar missiles are used by both sea and land vehicles on Adventure Planets. Also in Space Stage, the turrets of cities under attack will sometimes fire a single missile and fire it towards the main spaceship in an attacking fleet. The missile is also self-guided and has a long range, and usually manages to damage its target.

There are also two spaceship-fired missiles, the Proton Missile and the Anti-Matter Missile. In Spore Galactic Adventures, the Missile Flinger fires a much smaller missile.

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