Monstered Town is a Maxis-made adventure. It isn't included with Spore Galactic Adventures and must be downloaded from Sporepedia. The adventure involves a giant dinosaur-like monster attacking a large city.

Step 1: See what's upEdit

In the first act, the player must talk to the Big Monster, the Homeless Sage and the Nihonian General. The Sage will say that the creature came from the ocean because of the excessive trash. The Nihonian General will tell the player to find The Big Guns. the monster will not say anything instead the player will examine rather than talk to

Step 2: Find the Big GunsEdit

In this act, the player must go uptown and find The Big Guns, large robot-like beings with very large Missile Flingers on their backs. According to the game, they have "monster begone" written all over them.

Step 3: Bring the Big GunsEdit

The player must take The Big Guns near to the Big Monster. The player must be careful, because sometimes The Big Guns can get stuck near vehicles or Nihonian citizens.

Step 4: Sit Down and WatchEdit

After you take The Big Guns to the Big Monster, all you have to do is watch them kill it. However, if you brought too few Big Guns, there's a chance of the Big Monster winning the fight. If this happens, either go find the other Big Guns or attempt to fight it yourself.

Step 5: Clean up the MessEdit

After the Big Monster is dead, all you have to do is talk to the Nihonian General. He will tell you to clean up all the mess with a broom.

After talking, the adventure is over.


  • The Big Monster itself and the fact that it came from the ocean is probably a reference to Godzilla. Further more, the inhabitance of the city are called Nihonians, and 'Nihon' is Japanese for Japan.
  • The Big Monster has the Bladed Knuckles, that are hidden in his body. This technique is used by many Spore players to hide weapon parts from the player's view as if the creature uses the Weapon's attacks in a more "Natural" Way. (A level 3 missle launcher hidden in the mouth may make reference to Breathing Fire)
  • At the beginning of the adventure, a Nihonian running away might say "I think I just peed my pance". This may be an error that Maxis forgot, or this might be the way that Nihonians pronounce pants. However, this is unconfirmed.
  • The monster is Brontoth, being the name of a creature in another game called "Fossil Fighters"
  • A Nihonian says "Oh, my god" instead of "Oh, my Spode", as Spode is the "god" in this game. This may be an error that Maxis has forgotten on accident.
  • The monster appears to be pre-programmed to not attack you, even if you attack it. Because of this, you can fight and defeat it yourself with enough patience.