Moonlit Caverns

Moonlit Caverns.

Moonlit Caverns is a location in Spore Hero.


The easiest option is to go from Moonlit Stoneway and enter Moonlit Caverns after completing Moonlit Stoneway. Upon entry into the Moonlit Caverns, a Kazamalope named Smurlop will greet you in a small area and advise you to stay back from two red meteors that happen to be in the area, assuming that the meteors will make you crazy, and that they regenerate one another. As you get close to the meteor and destroy it, it regenerates in a cutscene.

After the player destroys both meteors (which are not that far from each other), Smurlop will realize who you are, as the Sage told him. Smurlop leads the player out of the cavern to his nest, where the others of his kind are brainwashed by the meteors. Smurlop will explain that his tribe was drawn to the meteors because of their apparent shininess, and they were brainwashed as a result. The player must then destroy this meteor, and the other meteors that are linked. After this, your creature has to re-illuminate the nearby crystal trees with special crystal plugs obtained from a large crystal tree to satisfy the Kazamalope tribe's need for shiny objects.