Mothership Down is a Maxis-made fixed-captain adventure in Spore Galactic Adventures. You have to destroy the Braxoid Mothership to complete the mission. Z-15 has 162 health, Battle armor, Energy absorption, Jump-Jet, Energy slash on level 2 and Pulse blast on level 1. You begin next to a battlefield and have to talk to the commander, who stands next to you. After doing that, you have to get onto the mothership (actually, only a building located on the other side of the planet). The "mothership" is accessed by a teleporter in a building next to the battlefield guarded by Braxoids. Mines are scattered on the battlefield and there are Braxoid Snipers with a large range and a powerful Pulse Blast on level 3. Once you are in the Mothership, you have to get by Braxoid Scientists, wich is easy, because they only have 20 health points and you can shoot them before they notice you. Soon you will find a reactor, which you have to destroy. Once you did that, you have to get to a teleporter within 30 seconds. The teleporter beams you to the place you began, where you see the mothership explode. To complete the mission now, you just have to talk to the commander.

There is a Spoffit in the room next to the room the teleporter is in. You can only get to the Spoffit after you destroyed the Reactor. Otherwise there is a yellow gate infront of it.

Trivia Edit

  • The name may be a reference to the book Watership Down.

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