Mushroom Grove

Mushroom Grove is an area in Spore Hero.

You can go to two different worlds from here. When evolving the wings, the only option is to go back to Mushroom Valley after Moonlit Caverns. Using the wings, your creature flies over a gap, and gains access to the Mushroom Grove, where you are shown how to get through certain plants by a red creature called a Krikat (you can also go through a waterfall in Ancient Grounds, and although a guard will block you from continuing, he can be hopped over easily). You are also shown to be being watched by another Krikat with Wareyes for eyes, Monstrumtalons for hands, and Starfeet for feet. The first Krikat shows you a creature sleeping under a tree, and says all the creatures are too scared to go near it because it appeared when the red meteors appeared. Your creature destroys the red meteor the strange creature is sleeping next to, the strange creature asks you to find its tribe. It then falls asleep. When your creature destroys all the red meteors (which is hard because the energy from them regrows each other) satyr-like creatures called Vakatroz come to the tree. They question the strange creature, called Yacque, about why he is under their sacred tree, and Yacque says to show your creature respect. The Vakatroz state they weren't talking to your creature, but to Yacque, who states he is one of the them. The Vakatroz refuse to believe this, and they send the Yacque away. Your creature follows him, and starts exploring. The evil-looking Krikat offers fruit, but when it's eaten it sends you to sleep. After fighting the evil-looking Krikat (who is really Zarkhator in disguise), you and Yacque gain access to another area. After destroying the red meteors (which also heal each other), the Vakatroz confront Yacque again. Yacque states that a red guy changed him into what he is. After exploring, your creature finds a cave painting describing the Vakatroz. The clues are: Proud and ARMORED CHEST. GIANT HORNS, and SKIN as colorful as the SUN. Legendary JAWS that can call its tribe from afar... You use that information to re-evolve Yacque back into his former self. Then you see the evil Krikat go behind a tree and then comes back out as Zarkhator. Yacque tells you about secret passages to other areas. It resembles Mushroom Valley, only it has completely different music and it has a better look.