Mushroom Valley

Mushroom Valley.

Mushroom Valley is the first location in Spore Hero.


Blue Meteor

Meejee inspecting a Blue Meteor.

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Meejee Spore Hero

Meejee in Mushroom Valley.

Sporeling finds itself in the Mushroom Valley, where it learns how to use a Nest and other basic living essentials from Meejee. It also learns how to fight by another of Meejee's Tribe, Espee. After talking to them, Sporeling meets with the Big Chief of Meejee's Tribe. Before Sporeling get a chance to talk him, Zarkhator appears and attempts to crush it with a red meteor. However, he misses to hit the Sporeling with red meteor and instead lands next to Sporeling and Big Chief, but then, the red meteor corrupts the Big Chief.

Sporeling then destroys the red meteor, and Big Chief asks the Sporeling's name, upon the naming, it is rewarded with an ancient idol piece. Sporeling is told to take the ancient idol parts to the Sage in the Ancient Grounds, however, Meejee prevents Sporeling from entering and tells it to cure the Spikees, a tribe that are friends with Meejee's Tribe, from the influence of the Red meteor. After destroying the red meteor, Meejee allows Sporeling go to the Ancient Grounds. Optionally, Sporeling also have to fight the Spikees.