Darkspore NecroBoss

Arakna fighting Nashira.

Nashira: The Shadow Void is a Necro boss from the game Darkspore, whose name was revealed on the Darkspore forum by MaxisYegg upon request. She is seen fighting Arakna at the beginning of both the Dev Diary videos. She is faced at the end of the first mission to Nocturna. Her appearance seems to be strongly based off Cthulhu, noticeably her squid-like head and large wings. In battle she appears to call on the help of Tusked Lamprey.

Lore Edit

Crogenitor Nashira had always taken death very personally—whether the death of an individual, or of a species. Indeed, Nashira had probed the most shadowy regions of the galaxy for centuries, dissecting what had caused the mass-extinctions that had turned whole planets into graveyards: comet strikes, magnetic field shifts, or explosions of neutron stars. While Nashira was able to transplant hundreds of threatened species to living worlds, the resurrection of entire ecosystems eluded her—and all other Crogenitors.

And finally facing that failure, Nashira abandoned biogenetic research forever, and instead turned to death. Obsessively investigating the hyperdimensional realms of anti-life, Nashira concluded that every biosphere lost to galactic history could be recreated inversely--as a necrosphere. But she needed power, resources, and allies.

Dismissed as dangerous and even insane by her peers, Nashira finally turned to Crogenitor Xylan, who promised her the E-DNA to drive her necrogenesis. Transfecting herself first, Nashira gained the ability to create void-zones, which she theorized could be expanded to encompass entire planets. But during the Mutation Wars, she used them to devastating effect on the battlefields of a dozen worlds.

Battle Strategy Edit

NOTE: This is how she can be fought in BETA. Her tactics may be changed in the final game.

Upon entering her arena, HELIX will warn you of her presence. Nashira will appear through a portal in the middle of the arena, and will then follow the player(s). She will attack by slamming her feet onto the ground, and also by slashing with her claws. She can also roar that will cause the screen to viberate.

A good hero to use while fighting her is Blitz. He can slash at her, and when she is about to attack, press the 1 key to teleport behind her using "Ride the Lightning", damaging her at the same time. SRS-42 is also a good hero to use. His missile barrage attack will take a large amount of her health away (if she does not move out of the way)

After losing about 1/3 of her health, she will begin to create clones of herself, which makes attacking the real Nashira difficult. If you kill the wrong one, they will split into even more, so it is advised to make sure you're attack the true Nashira. When she dies, she will sink into a portal underneath her feet and disappear in a flash purple mist. She will drop plenty loot and DNA as well. When the area is cleared, you may beam up to complete the mission.

Trivia Edit

  • When the player enters Nashira's lair, HELIX will tell the player that Nashira is so powerful, that even the other Darkspore on Nocturna try to stay away from her.