Necro Template Challenge

The Necro Template Challenge

The Necro Template Challenge, one of Maxis's Template Challenges. So far, it is the only Maxis challenge that has been for Four templates at once. The winning creations were Sporecasts on, and some have been used as a Darkspore NPCs, although that was not known at the time of the challenge.

Challenge CreationsEdit

All FinalistEdit

  • 94Brandon14
  • Blade717
  • Blirin
  • Cowboy_Cleatus
  • crysis9999
  • Dragonvoid
  • echof0xtrot
  • Gamer1
  • Groxika
  • IanEno
  • Jaconan
  • jerry77
  • JRsilverfoxx1390
  • katanoob
  • Kismet - Scar
  • Miranda12
  • Potatofish
  • QQQQQ96
  • rayray98
  • SteelersFan2470


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