The Night Predator (NPC_Night_Predator in the game files) is a type of NPC creature that appears in the Creature Stage. Night Predators occur in small packs of three individuals that are always hostile to the player creature and emerge at night, usually in the first migration scene.

As with other NPCs such as Epic and Rogue creatures, certain criteria must be fulfilled for a creature to be selected as a Night Predator from the Sporepedia:

  • They must be a carnivore or omnivore
  • Their combat level must be at most 12 but no less than 2 (thus, a creature with only Bite 2 can be selected)

There is no restriction on social skills (0-20) or health level (0-5), but the in-game health is always set to 15, so the creatures will usually be early animals and they can generally be defeated with ease.