Nocturna - A planet of eternal night.

Nocturna is a planet in Darkspore. It has three moons, and the planet is almost always completely blocked from its sun, therefore earning this planet the title "the planet of eternal night". This planet was shown at Comic-con on /07/24/10/ to show off some of the game's level and graphical designs, and is considered one of the most looked into worlds of this game, aside from Zelem's Nexus and Cryos.


A plasma-waterfall and a crystal bridge; two things that are very common on Nocturna.

History/Lore Edit

Nocturna,The Dark planet was the first to succumb to the Darkspore Infection,with the Viral Darkspore Pods crashing on it's surface and infecting the local,Curious Fauna,who were the First to become Darkspore Operatives.

The Nocturni and the other Sentient Species of Nocturna were aware of this,but they spent so long fighting amongst each other that they were easily divided and conquered by the Darkspore Hordes.Meanwhile the Crogenitor Ignot began to experiment in Necrogenetics and shredded the fragile balance between Bioforms and necroforms that the Energy Guardians,The order that Wraith belonged to worked so hard to maintain.

With the Barrier shred the full power of Necrogenetics was released prompting many Genetic warriors to arrive from Nocturna's warring Species,whilst some Chose to defend their tribes,others joined the ever growing Nocturni Legion and helped Conquer the said Tribes.

The Wars continued,eventually the Sapient species had either eradicated each other,or if they were unlucky,succumbing to the Darkspore Infection,with a Life turned or simply gone,The Dark planet fell darker...

Features Edit

From the screenshots that can be seen, Nocturna is a very dark planet with a blue tinge to its surface. However, the planet's core is made of glowing plasma, which leaks out to form rivers and lakes. Many of the plants and animals are black, green, or purple. There are also glowing crystals all over the planet, and cave-like structures full of red crystals. It appears to have several green, glowing forests on its surface. Almost all plant and animal life on the planet is bioluminescent, able to generate glowing light from themselves.Some of the Plant life uses Chemicals to create Fear in animals,and when Destroyed by a Hero,they will cause nearby darkspore to flee and run in Panic.While most of the Flora of Nocturna is Fungal in appearance some Trees exist,using surface roots to leech life from Heroes and Darkspore alike that pass over them.Nocturna also has three moons,which block most light from Nocturna's Surface,Giving it it's nickname

This planet is the homeworld of Arakna: The Soul Collector, and Jinx: The Dark Reaper. However, Wraith, a Necro Sentinel, resembles nothing of Arakna and Jinx's species, and may be from another planet,However it is possible that Wraith's species simply evolved from a different ancestral line than the Nocturni,it would also explain the numerous Simian entities on Nocturna. The planet is widely influenced by the Nocturni Legion, who have their main strongholds on Nocturna. Nashira: The Shadow Void also resides on this planet.

Trivia Edit

  • The concept for Nocturna was derived from a sketch by Christian Scheurer, one of Spore's most famous concept artists. This may mean that other planets would be based on such concepts.
  • The name of the planet is derived from the English word nocturnal, meaning 'of the night'.

The Nocturna concept from 2004, a year before Spore itself was even made known to the public!

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