Noogie (often called "Noogle") is a name given to a green slug-like creature. Its ancestor was apparently a small squid-like creature that lived in the ocean. It came out of the ocean and then looked for food. The Noogie found a baby Sporezelle and bit it with its horizontal jaws, and then it spat a green substance on the baby. The parents then came to defend it, and the Noogie was killed afterwards. Will Wright then evolved the Noogie into a radically different form, which had a semi-upright stance, a thick tail, a large eye, a pair of arms with carnivorus fish mouths on the ends, and another pair of arms which came at the shoulders, pointed upwards then forwards at the elbow, added a pair of hands on them, and finally painted the new 'Noogie' pink.

It was thought that a creature like Noogie was the starting creature for the Creature Stage, but instead your creature comes onto land as a version of your cell edited by the player in an editor called the Early Creature Editor, which is basically the cell editor, only that the editor is in 3-D, the spine can be stretched longer or shorter and dragged, the background is different, the parts have different abilities and three types of legs, complete with the default feet, are available. You are taken into the stage with your edited creature as it swims up to the surface and onto the beach with some nest mates.



Noogie as it appears in the final game.

  • An identical creature called Noogie, and a similar one called Oogie, appear in the final game.
  • Noogie is the proof that in the past, the insect mouth parts were omnivorous, because in the prototype editor in the image, the insect mouths are available together with the primate, amphibian and radial mouths. Also, the shadows of the omnivore beak mouths are between the carnivorous reptile and the carnivorous fish mouth parts, proof that those mouths were once carnivorous.