The Nova is a Darkspore mutant from Scaldron.

Lore Edit

Before the Darkspore mutated Scaldron's entire biosphere, four-footed crater mites lived humble lives, attaching themselves to larger creatures and consuming their sloughed-off skin cells. Following transfection, the crater mites became novas, oversized homunculi with highly unstable metabolisms. When their fight-or-flight reaction is overstimulated, novas quite literally explode, engulfing any nearby foe in a highly destructive, flammable mucus, so viscous that it's nearly impossible to remove. By fleeing, foes feed more oxygen to the flames. Few creatures of their size inflict as much damage as novas do.

Abilities Edit

  • Explodes when close, igniting nearby heroes
  • Runs towards the nearest hero and explodes.
  • The explosion will cause nearby heroes to burn, taking heavy amounts of damage over time.

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