Oh the Humanity!
Oh the Humanity!
TaskDestroy Earth
Oh, the Humanity

Good bye, Earth. Good bye, Moon.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Be warned that as always, this will break the Galactic Code, but you can save before destroying the planet, then quit and reload (without saving of course), and the achievement will still count and the Earth will still be there if you want to colonize it or destroy it again.
  • The Planet Buster can be bought at your home empire for §5,000,000, or at a warrior empire for a price of §2,500,000.

Note: You can only buy the planet buster if you have Conqueror 5 or Colonist 5 badges.


  • If you destroy Earth, the Moon blows up too.
  • A human makes an appearance on the achievement's picture.
  • The posture of the human in the achievement icon resembles to "The Scream", a famous painting.


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