Oogie is the main protagonist in Spore Creatures. Oogies are slug-like, mouthless creatures. They don't have any attributes or Bio-Powers. They don't have any attack or defensive points, but have 3 social points.

Part in the Story Edit

Oogie and his best friend, Little Oogie, are finally getting their lungs on land, when Gar' skuther's UFO appears and attempts to abduct them both. After interacting with some other creatures (namely Taptup and Striklet), Gar' skuther succeeds to abduct Little Oogie, and Oogie (your creature) must venture to find your best friend and create another UFO to chase Gar' skuther.

Oogie then finds Little Oogie infected by Gar' skuther's tentacle corruption, and starts traveling to other planets, interacting with other creatures and collecting Star-maps to find his nemesis. After defeating Gar'skuther's minion, Skuther, and then overpowering Gar' skuther at combat or dancing, Oogie sure has saved the Spore Galaxy and his best friend, Little Oogie.

Trivia Edit

  • A creature, also called Oogie, appears in the PC version of Spore, despite key differences, such as the PC Oogie being yellow and orange and bigger. There are also many references to Oogies in the Space Stage, which are listed on the previously-linked page to the creature.
  • A historic creature, Noogie, seems to be an ancestor of Oogie.
  • Oogies are the only mouthless creatures in the Spore universe. However, in the creature creator in Spore Creatures, the player can make a mouthless creature.
  • Creatures similar to Oogies, but brown and with one jagged spike on it's back, appear in the game at the beginning. But, they appear as an alternate creature if you turn on the Alternate Creatures cheat.
  • After completing a certain mission, the empire says that the race you attacked stole their pet mini Oogie.
  • Oogies lays their eggs in water, although they can't live under water since moving on land and die when doing so, mostly, when they hatch.
  • When Oogie is escaping from the sea, an odd creature resembling an Oogie with a lone Striklet fin on its back can be seen. This creature has no parts to its name, and never shows up outside the opening cinematic.
  • An Oogie, along with a Meepers, Lileepa, and Skribskrab all appear on the cover art for Spore:Creatures. However, all sport alternate colors.

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