This article is about the Maxis creation in the PC Spore. For the main species in Spore Creatures, see Oogie.

The Oogie is a Maxis-made creature, present in the final game. The Oogie is a very small yellow and orange striped slug with a bug jaw. He is very similar to the creature in Spore called Noogie.

The Oogie is a carnivore, but it finds it very difficult to get food due to his weak attack. The Oogie is very slow, and its only attack is a weak level 2 bite.

Oogies also aren't very social creatures. Their only social ability is an unimpressive level 1 sing.


  • On the Tablet of the Tribes, it mentions that the lover of the Hinkle Tribe's leader "would eat three raw oogies" and that the Tablet was "written in oogie blood".
  • Three Oogies appear on The Statue of The Three Crickets.
  • Oogies are constantly mentioned in Space Stage:
    • If an Ecologist empire offers an eradication mission, the empire will say that the specific species came down with the dreaded "Oogie Fever".
    • Sometimes, after a "Destroy all Turrets" mission, a Warrior empire will mention how the offending empire kidnapped their pet Oogie, and speak of him in a non-aggressive manner. Warriors will say that they keep an Oogie called Mr. Jiggers.
    • Bards will ask to you to terraform a planet to T-3 for their empress's Oogie collection.
  • Apart from Spore, in Stephen King's novel Misery, "oogie" is one of the word that Annie Wilkes uses to express her hate; instead of using profane words.
  • This Oogie seems to be a close cousin of the Noogie.

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