Oorama is a desert world in the Spore Galaxy and home to the Arena of Oorama. Due to the fact the arena is located here, numerous wild animals from as far as Mildor are shipped here to serve in the arena. Also, the chance for fame and fortune attracts numerous mercenaries here as well, hoping to make it big. An example of one looking for fortune and fame was Leh'Ni, a warrior willing to prove himself in combat.

This planet is playable in Spore Galactic Adventures, The Arena of Oorama.

Terrain and ClimateEdit

Oorama is a barren desert Rocky planet without even a trace of natural life. Despite this, it's air breathable and seems to be easily habitable for anything to live. A single massive valley is located on planet Oorama, which is also where the arena is located as well. The planet's soil is mostly brownish green on high elevations, blue cliff sides with bits of brownish red near the bottom and sandy soil at low elevations. Most of the terrain is covered in regular rocks in just about every elevation. Oorama has no bodies of water. If water does exist then it must be under the crust. The skies of Oorama are typical baby blue in hue. Global temperatures are above normal, while the density of the atmosphere is slightly lower from being even.

Places of InterestEdit


Note, all creatures found on Oorama are not native to Oorama but were brought here for use in the Arena of Oorama.


  • A Spoffit can be found right outside the Arena of Oorama. If you jump over the gateway farthest right from where Leh'Ni enters the arena, you are in a large valley. Travel down this valley until it abruptly ends. Above your head is a rickety old bridge with a Spoffit on it. If you go up the hill past the bridge, you'll see his little "Spoffithouse."