Darkspore Orionpose

Official artwork of Orion.

Darkspore OrionPGN HD

Orion in a Squad Deck.

Darkspore OrionVSmode

Orion in the Multiplayer co-op trailer.

Orion the Lightspeed Tempest is a Quantum Tempest from Darkspore. He moves around by use of a hover-pack, despite having legs. He shares his type and class with Andromeda. Orion was the second hero announced with the ability to fly, the first one being Jinx.

Revelation Edit

Orion was first seen in pictures of Darkspore's multiplayer in online previews. His name and title were revealed upon request by senior systems designer Paul Sottosanti on the Darkspore forum.


Orion in a multiplayer battle between four heroes. He is on the far right.


Orion fires his weapon at Meditron in a multiplayer battle.

Lore Edit

Once tasked with mechano-gravitically ensuring the stability of the nexus, Orion nearly died when an equipment failure sent two Zelemi islands on a collision course. Doing everything he could to save the Nexus from destruction, Orion held to his station while everyone around him abandoned theirs. And that is why he was struck by a gravity wave, pulsed from the centre of the Nexus by Crogenitor Zelem himself.

Surging with energies activated from genetic latency, Orion reached out his four arms as if by instinct, creating an antigravitic buffer between the two islands and saving millions of lives, nearly at the cost of his own.

Orion had little time to recover from the stunning exertion, because the Darkspore invasion forced him into hiding. As a fugitive, Orion struck against the invaders with controlled bursts of his power, and in his most spectacular victory, used his dimensional shifting power to banish his targets to another cosmic realm, picking off stragglers with his hyper-kinetic projectile weapon.

Abilities Edit

Only one of Orion's abilities are known. He is able to fire explosive energy projectiles that leave blue power-beams trailing behind them.

Trivia Edit

  • Orion's name is based on the real-life constellation of the same name.
  • Orion is the only Quantum hero with four arms.

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