Orlops are Maxis-made creatures. They are predators that hunt in packs, and are closely related to the Bunzo.


They have a radial mouth full of razor teeth strike and an unusual flower-shaped structure in the tail. The flower-shaped organ on the tail is present on both sexes and give the Orlops an incredible sense of feeling for vibrations; they are able to feel predators, or prey, approaching from hundreds away. This makes up for their weak sense of vision. The inner fibers of the "flower" organ send neurotic messages to the brain. It is also suspected this is how they may communicate through means that human beings can not hear; however, this is not confirmed. The eyes of the Orlops have long, thick eyelids to protect it's eyes from the ashes of the volcanoes. Orlops are quite mentally advanced, and as they are common in Cattor, they would probably be the new sapient species in Cattor.

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