A pack

An example pack.

A pack is a group of creatures, including, but is not limited to your own species. This specific feature is only present in the Creature Stage. The members of your pack will follow you and help you to defeat or socialize with other creatures, which can be very useful. It can hold up to 3 allies. To add a creature to your pack, the creature must be an ally or of the same species as your own. You must then socialize with this creature and it will join your pack if the pack doesn't already hold the maximum number of pack members.

Rogue creatures Edit

Since rogue creatures are not always enemies like epic creatures are, you may socialize with them, ally with them and finally socialize with them again to add them to your pack. Rogue creatures are very useful in packs as they always have all abilities for socializing and attacking; and since rogue creatures have much higher health than normal creatures, they are also very useful for killing other creatures. But to add them to your pack you must have high leveled socializing abilities and at least one pack member left. As with trying to make another species your ally, you can follow the same strategy with rogue creatures by following these steps:

  1. Have your pack full.
  2. Find the Rogue and socialize with it.
  3. Still with a full pack, ally it.
  4. Get rid of the last of your pack members and then add the rogue creature to your pack.

If after lots of failed attempts to ally with the rogue creature, it's often better to give up and kill the rogue. Remember that more than rogue creature can be found in, so after you've added the first to your pack, it'll be easier to add a second and a third, as your pack will become more powerful.

Reference to pack in other stages Edit

The one-eyed fat creature (that looks like Mike, from Monsters Inc.) that appears in the unoccupied spaces for pack members also appears in other stages and situations.

Tribal stage Edit

In the Tribal Stage, the pack feature is replaced with your Tribe, and shows your tribe members as well as information on them about how much health is left as well as a smaller version of the Hunger Bar. Any creatures of different species that were previously in your pack will serve as pets.

Space stage Edit

In the Space Stage there is a pack-like feature: allied ships, which have about the same use as the pack feature in Creature Stage, except for the fact that you cannot add a ship of your own empire to your allied fleet.

If Galactic Adventures is installed, the Pack Feature (renamed to Crew) can be used on missions that allow them. This can be your own species, or the species of your allied ships. Creatures in the adventure can be added to the Crew.

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