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Astrographical information
Star systemN/A
GalaxyThe Spore Galaxy
Length of dayN/A
Length of yearN/A
Length of orbital rotationN/A
Geographical information
Land colorBlue/White
Water colorBlue
Air colorBlue/White
Terra-ScoreWas T3 Now T1
Mean radiusThe smallest planet of it's star system
Equatorial radiusN/A
Pressure at sea levelN/A
Mean surface temperatureWas tropical now cold
Water Percentageapproximately 60%
ClimateWas a Grassy Planet now Ice planet

Pangu is one of the six planets you can visit in Spore Creatures. Ingame you are able to get 42 parts and 10 tokens from the planet

Ingame it's described as "Originally a grassy planet with a large ocean, this planet has recently been exposed to extreme weather shifts and new species better suited for the new cold weather."

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