Pets are creatures that are domesticated. They only appear in the Tribal Stage. They live in the creature pen behind the tribe hut. You can have a maximum of 3 pets, and they lay eggs that can be collected by tribe members as food and eaten by carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. If you have had any creatures in your pack in the Creature Stage and then evolve to Tribal Stage, those pack creatures will become pets, unless your pack creatures are your own species. Also, if you had the Summon Flock ability, and used it just prior to evolving, the summoned creatures will also be pets, even if you had three pack members. This is the only way to breach the maximum of three pets.

When an enemy tribe tries to attack you, pets will help with defending. When UFOs come in Tribal Stage, they can abduct at least one pet. Pets can't heal themselves, they must be healed by a Shaman.

Pets are the ultimate food source, as well as money. If you have 3 pets, you practically already won, as they can lay up to 1 platter of eggs every 30 seconds, so if you let the egg bin fill up, you can get over 500 food in just eggs, giving you your own unlimited food source at your own tribe.

If you want the best pets, you probably want too ally with Rogues and add them to your pack before you advance to tribal stage. This way, you have 3 OP pets with 250 health, strong enough to fend for themselves for a long time without a shaman. However, it can be unfortunate when a spaceship could abduct one or more of them, but there is a way to stop this below.

How to Stop Spaceships from Abducting your pets Edit

Even though spaceships may abduct your pets all the time, there is a way to stop them. The spaceship will always fly around where the camera is pointed, so don't have the camera anywhere near your tribe when it arrives, this way, it will only abduct normal animals instead of your pets. The spaceship last about a minute, so try to point your camera at a part in the map far away from your tribe for a minute.

If the spaceship arrives while the camera is pointed at your tribe, don't worry. Point your camera far away, the the spaceship will literally fly in one direction until it reaches the new camera destination, where it will fly around.

The spaceship abducts up to 3 animals, which means if you have the camera pointed at your tribe the whole time, the spaceship has a 90% possibility of abducting one pet, 60% possibility of 2, and 30% of all 3.


If you want a new pet, you must domesticate a creature on land. To domesticate a creature, you must have at least 15 food. Then you must set the tribe to social stance and right click on the creature. A tribe member then comes near the creature with a bone in his hand and he gives it to the creature. All creatures in the nest will then like you. If you have enough space in the creature pen, said domesticated creature will then become your pet. Be careful when passing an enemy tribe that is a carnivore or omnivore coming home as they may kill the pet. Also, a carnivore tribe may purposely send a tribe member to kill a pet.

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