A creature holding a stick.

A Pickup Item is an object that is found in the Creature Stage which can be picked up with hands, or graspers. They can be thrown, stacked, put on a nest, or used to whack and stun rival creatures, including Rogue and Epic creatures. They have created a conundrum among the community as of what their use is or was.



Sticks are used mainly for comedic effect, although they do hurt creatures, a little bit. When a stick lands on a target, they will get annoyed with your creature (and a speech bubble reading "@#$%!" will appear), and the creature will lose one Hit point. Since sticks are light, they can also be used for getting fruit down from trees, and leading other creatures into traps. They can also be placed on a nest and become organized faster.


Shells stun a creature for a long time (a bit longer than a Level 5 Charge.) and hurt the creature enough to take an effect, unlike sticks. They can also usually be used to knock fruit down from trees, although they can't be thrown very far, so tricks and traps don't go well with shells, because they are heavy. They also seem to be more effective barriers around nests.


Rocks stun a creature even longer than shells, and even rogues don't stand a chance to the effective rocks. They are extremely useful in creature massacres. It also helps with killing epics effectively. However, because rocks are heavy, these can't be thrown as far as sticks and shells and it is hard to knock down fruit from tall trees. You are almost always too close for traps.


Logs can not be picked up by the player. They will roll around and can be pushed into other creatures, or into the ocean. Epics are the only ones who can pick up these logs.


Bones can be picked up by Hands or Mouths (if the creature doesn't have hands). When picked up you will unlock a creature part.

Trivia Edit

  • If you click on your creature while holding one of these objects, they will hit itself on the head with it.
  • When in social stance and holding an object, clicking on another creature will cause your creature to present the other creature with it as a gift. Despite the tendency of gifts in other parts of the game, there is no indication of whether or not this actually improves your creature's relationship with the other creature. When presented with a gift, the creature will place it near their nest as decoration. However, you can ONLY give a gift if the other creature has hands.
  • If your creature doesn't have graspers, it cannot pick up objects in the Creature Stage, but in later stages (including Spore Galactic Adventures) it will use its mouth.
  • Strangely, sometimes when you throw an object, a random creature will come and follow you, but not to your nest.
  • You can knock down Fruit if you use throwable objects, making it easier to get fruit off of high-up places.

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