The Pinky is a Maxis made cell, appearing in the Cell Stage. It appears in Level 2, and is the first cell with cillia in the game.

The Pinky is an easy prey, as it has no means of defense. They can do Fast Turns, but this sometimes isn't enough to save them. Pinkys also are very similar to Punkys, and if noticed, aren't attacked by them. They are extremely touchy and will flee if approached by anything other than another Pinky or a Punky.

Pinkys are group creatures and tend to appear in groups of 2-5* Pinkys, which can make it hard to catch one as the other(s) will get in the way. They are rather dim witted and occasionally end up pushing the Large Green Plant Flakes around the level because they are too stupid to swim around to get the food on the other side. It is possible they are doing this to push the food away from the player however.

*These groups can include a Punky or two.

Abilities that can be harvested from this creatureEdit

  • Cillia

See alsoEdit


Stupid Pinkys

Pinkies aren't known for their brainpower or their cunning.

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