This article is about the creature. For the cell by the same name, see Pinky.

Pinky is a Maxis-made creature, present in the Creature Creator. It appears in the Spore cover and isn't present in the final game like other Creature Creator creatures.

Pinky is a carnivore, but it's only mean of attack is a weak bite. They can, however, sneak, which can help a bit. They will possibly only prey on early creatures and the dead prey of other creatures. They also might be an evolved form of the "Pinky" cell.

When socializing, they are bad singers. They can also charm, but can be easily outdone. It is unknown why Pinky isn't present in the final game, since it appears on the boxart.

There is another creature in the game which is called Pinky, but is different in appearance. It has a "Gobsterclaw" mouth, "Classic Minion" graspers, "Buckfoot" feet, "Optic Orb" eyes and a "Pomp Pom" detail part on its head.