Hateos is the capital planet of the TAE, and a very important Asgordian planet, as this is the hub of Ko'han's revolution.

Hateos has many grasslands and wierd carnivore plant life, but some of the planet is covered in giant metropolises, owned by the TAE. The largest structure currently on the planet is the Ko'han tower, being 458m tall, and also being Ko'han's home. Ruins indicate a previous empire was in that planet, but it has been wiped out a long time ago.

Hateos is home for 2.3 Billion Asgordians, though the numbers are escalating at a high rate. Hateos has no moons or rings, and Hateos is one of only 2 planets in the Zamieza'an solar system.

Climate Edit

Hateos is an oxygen planet, though its neighbour planet, Omk, is a Carbon Dioxide planet, owned by a few Million Yotunians. Its hottest city is Za'votes, which its temperatures can reach 51 Kantros (56 Celsius), and the coldest is Tel'auves, whose temperatures can reach -17 Kantros (-12 Celsius) in the winter.

Hateos's athmosphere is hospitable to mammalian creatures, thus some reptilians may have difficulty adapting to this environment.

Rain showers the equatorial regions of Hateos during the spring and autmun, and snow is very rare in Hateos. Hateos has seasons, though spring and autmun are very large.

History Edit

Hateos was once inhabited by the Hrezi Federation until 1.7 Billion years ago, when the Hrezian extinction occured. The planet was left in ruins, and was mostly uninhabitable for a Billion years.

10 Million years ago, Hateos had strange crystals formed due to a strange kind of dust, and many empires scrambled for the crystals, however, all the crystals were later taken by the Komuz because they threatened to destroy every species that stood in their way, as they were Tier 3. A while before Hateos was taken by the Asgord, the Komuz became extinct.

The Asgord Empire colonized this planet in 400 KRE, and named it Hateos, after Hate'enos, the colonizer of this planet, however, 1 year later, a revolution occured in the Asgord Empire due to the destruction of Ka'an, and Hateos, alongside Ko'hania and Kina'atera. The Federal Khereg of the Asgord was founded here.

Cities Edit


Hateos's population map. Light grey is sparsely populated areas, Dark grey are cities.

The Capital of Hateos, located in the continent of Dla'an. It is known for Ko'han Tower.
A Coastal city located between the continents of Dla'an and Kiazma. It is known for its army training barracks.
A Coastal city in the continent of Kiazma. It is known for its natural parks.
A Coastal city in the continent of Dla'an. It is known for being full of TAE Propaganda, due to the mass population of Ex-FRA Asgordians.
A Rainy and hot city in the continent of Dla'an. It is known for its agriculture.
A Calm island city in the island of Telzia. It is known for its beaches.
An island city. Known for being the main source of Patikoulos for the empire.
A Coastal south city in the continent of Dla'an. It is known for being the TAE's Onuris hub.
A Cold city in the archipelago of Tel'auves. Known for its statue of Ko'han.
A Cold eastern city. Known for Itexos Vargen's castle.

Zamieza'an Solar system Edit

The TAE's capital planet.
A Small Cold Hydrogen planet, owned by Yotunians.
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