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Abyssus...a massive volcanic wasteland. I'm surpised that the Legion haven't died in there.

- Random Klaxxa
Astrographical information
Basic LocationMost southeastern point of Koldenwelt
Geographical information
Mean surface temperature42*c - 62*c
TerrainMountains, Deserts, Valleys
VegetationVery few
Political information
AffiliationLegion of Shiarchon
Strategic information
Strategic valueHeavy territorial value to the Shiarchon

Abyssus (Elvish: Abyssus - Hell), known in Undertongue as Korodis is the prime land of the Legion of Shiarchon, situated in the South-East of Koldenwelt, nearer to the Eastern Plains of the Vrorekaa.

History Edit

Originally, the land that was Abyssus was a fertile ground and was initially inhabited by Caligaduro Provectus under the Osdaemonis fortress. Most activity within Osdaemonis was considered dormant until Caligaduro constructed the Magnamturrimfanum. The Colossi soon found Caligaduro's power present there, and, after hundreds of years, eventually banished Caligaduro from the fortress and the land. The Magnamturrimfanum was then destroyed.

Later on, what is believed to be the death of the Earth Colossus Korddragen by Caligaduro's hand resulted in the destruction of the landscape, turning it into a volcanic wasteland.

Abyssus was made a small settlement in what is now known as the Civitasmagna Sanguisgladiiadcaelum, on a mountain known as Sangua Mons, approximately 12,500 years ago. Since then, Abyssus expanded to its largest extent, about 450 miles in diameter. Abyssus was a massive volcanic zone of deserts and mountains.

The War for the Eye had rendered Abyssus inactive for 31 years, with a small population of Shiarchon left. It is unknown what happened within there, but the Shiarchon population increased incredibly, from what was left of them (12,000) to well over 3 million. Abyssus turned from a sparse settlement into a dystopian metropolis.

Geography Edit

Abyssus is primarily very mountainous around its edges - for the rest of the land it is covered with a crimson desert with lakes of lava in places. In the middle, Sangua Mons towers over all other mountains at 21,778ft (6637m) tall. Sangua Mons is a steep mountain with a large flat summit, of which the supertall tower - Sanguisgladiiadcaelum - stands on top of.

Known locations Edit

  • Civitasmagna Sanguisgladiiadcaelum - The citadel of the Shiarchon that surrounds the base of the mountain Sangua Mons.
  • Osdaemonis - The 'Mouth of the Demon'. Known for its horseshoe shaped structure, Osdaemonis is a naturally built fortress that is over 350,000 years old, originally a fortress of Caligaduro Provectus who built it. It is now the current centre of the dark magic which surrounds Abyssus, and is guarded by the most powerful forces of the Legion.
  • Fibulamcultrum - Another large fortress on the bulk of the territory, the Shiarhcon-made Fibulamcultrum serves as an outpost for the furthest west reaches of the territory.
  • Magnamturrimfanum Caligaduroprovectus - The original tower of Abyssus which fell into disarray and collapsed some 250,000 years ago when Caligaduro Provectus was banished from the Southern lands by Soldalatel. The tower stood numerous tens of thousands of metres high, and had a warped appearance. Very little of it remains.
  • Murumdesertanulus - A semi-natural wall that surrounds Abyssus, with some reaches over 15,000ft (4572m) in height. The wall in total reaches almost 5000 miles (8046km) in length, making it the longest wall on the planet. The wall is partially made by Shiarchon to bridge gaps in the mountainous borders, separating the volcanic plains from the rest of Koldenwelt.
  • Magnusviavallis - The longest road in Abyssus, the Magnusviavallis spans almost 2000 miles (3218km) from the outer boundaries to the citadel.
  • Magnamportam Aditusabyssus - The main gate in and out of Abyssus, the Magnamportam Aditusabyssus is a massive door which allows entry and exit of the Shiarchon. Two exist, one in the northern end and the southern end into the Southern Mountains.
  • Sepulchri Sanguapraegrandis - The 'Tomb of the Sanguapraegrandis' is a massive plain of which the Blood Colossus, the Sanguapraegrandis lies asleep. The Shiarchon have found its movement patterns and in effect do not build around there.
  • Heremusostiamtutamentum - The 'Wasteland of the Ostiamtutamentum' are large spaces of land where the Shiarchon keep the Gatekeepers.
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