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Astrographical information
Basic LocationMost southeastern point of Koldenwelt
Geographical information
Mean surface temperature-18 °C - 70 °C
TerrainMountains, Deserts, Valleys
VegetationVery few
Political information
Capital citySangua Mons
Strategic information
Strategic valueHeavy territorial value to the Shiarchon

One does not simply go to Abyssus - or flies, or swims, or... my point is clear, I think. This land is steeped in evil so vile that no good and honest being short of a god can endure there - just to gaze upon these everlasting crags of black and grey is an affront to all things righteous. It is no coincidence that our eminent Paragon Mother once entrusted our kin to watch over this place. Should we lose Abyssus to the Adversary and let its dark power leave its primordial soil and spread to the North, the whole world would be in grave danger indeed...and that has already happened ten millenia ago.

- Matriarch Kaina-Thax of Alterholdt

Abyssus, also known as Korodis is a vast hot desert situated in the southernmost point of planet Koldenwelt. Abyssus in its entirety is controlled by the Legion of Shiarchon and is the homeland of the Klaxxa race.

History Edit

Historically, the area originally called Korodis was always contested in the hands of the Void Denizens. Many ancient structures from long before recorded history survive as ruins within the deserts to the present day including Void Fortresses such as Osdaemonis which has said to have been present upon Koldenwelt since before 350,000 BNA. Three other Void Fortresses were present in Korodis until their eventual destruction; Avkhamadrilund, Akharavzund and Avkhamasaarkon, three of the largest and most heavily fortified Void Fortresses alongside Osdaemonis itself. There are other numerous tales which are treated as mythological at best; ancient, long forgotten cultures were said to have inhabited the far east of Abyssus and more outlandish theories once said that the Orichalcum Elves migrated and arrived in Korodis before 300,000 BNA from lands uncharted, east of Korodis' expanse. The Void's influence within Kordois has fluctuated rapidly over the course of three hundred millennia; though its influence was strongest before the Colossus of the Earth Kordraiggen's presence sired the Klaxxa race. The Klaxxa's historical records, of which are infrequent and inaccurate hint that they inhabited Korodis for an extensive period of time, perhaps millennia.

The Klaxxa were eventually rooted out of Abyssus by the Orichalcum Elves, now calling themselves the Shiarchon, lead by Imperator Kalarah after settling on the mountain of Sangua Mons and expanding outwards of that territory, eventually claiming the entirety of Korodis' desert by themselves. The Klaxxa were commanded by Kordraiggen to leave for Ar-Klith before she was supposedly destroyed by Caligaduro Provectus (though it was more likely to be a wraith of Caligaduro or a conjuration of Kalarah's doing). The Shiarchon soon constructed long, expansive walls and gates to seal the desert shut, using the Southern Mountains as a natural defence.

Kalarah's power over void magic soon took to corrupting Korodis' landscape, turning the sands into a rustic red and casting thick volcanic-black clouds over his sphere of influence until those who lived outside of the Shiarchon's walls quickly addressed the land as Abyssus, an Old Tongue word meaning 'hell'. The magic began to warp the wildlife of the region to become vicious and appear unnatural in the eyes of foreigners.

Geography Edit


Map of Abyssus

Abyssus is the south-easternmost region of the Tropical Lands. The north-west of Abyssus is walled in by the Southern Mountains, and the Great Eastern Wall serves as another mountainous boundary. The space between the Southern Mountains and the Great Eastern wall at the northern tip of Abyssus is guarded by a colossal fortress wall, spanning the entire thousand mile gap and nearly eighty metres thick. A space between the Southern Mountains and the so-named Abyssal Mountains has a fortress wall constructed spanning one hundred miles across. These fortress walls have the Northern Gate and the Western Gate for both the northern and western wall respectively.

Most of Abyssus' centre is a flat hot desert where temperatures at its extreme can reach 70 °C and supersede those temperatures in the absolute centre. Thus, little civilisation is found in these regions save for occasional Shiarchon outposts. These deserts are home to the more dangerous residents of Abyssus such as the Karkavarnir and Gatekeepers. Much of Abyssus' civilisation is situated on the elevated western plateaus and within Abyssus' mountainous valleys near the Southern Mountains as well as within the Abyssal Mountains as well. The southern and northern reaches of Abyssus also prove popular to residents due to the decreased temperatures in both regions, becoming somewhat bearable to outside life. The eastern expanses of Abyssus are generally uninhabited by residents of the region due to the hostility of the deserts in the centre and east as well as the proximity to the fortress of Osdaemonis of which in recent times has become host to a legion of Void Denizens. It is also the current seat of power of Caligaduro Provectus within the region and thus many of his followers prefer to keep their distance. There are small fortresses designed to protect Osdaemonis from first-line attack if needs be.

The roads within Abyssus are often situated, geographically upon edges of mountains or hillsides where there is relief from Abyssus' extremely hostile environment, where the longest road in Abyssus which expands from the Northern Gate and leads to Sangua Mons is constructed upon the the highest point of plateaus. Much of Abyssus is highly elevated to nearly 1,500 feet (457 m). Sangua Mons, usually considered a standalone mountain in Abyssus is the tallest and largest mountain at 21,778 ft (6,638 m) tall. The Abyssal Mountains has an average altitude of 13,413 ft (4,088 m) and are known for their steep cliff faces which provides geographical advantages for settlements within the valleys of the mountain range.

The aridity of Abyssus leaves the region almost devoid of water, which most of the Shiarchon's adherent inhabitants require to survive. Whilst almost all of Abyssus' water is magically fabricated through enchanted reservoirs, stored in enormous cisterns, underground natural reservoirs have been used in the past where underground lakes have been used as water sources. Over the course of fifteen thousand years, these sources have been depleted, and some believe that there are more of these underground lakes in the more inhospitable desert regions.

Locations Edit

Cities Edit

Sangua Mons

Imperator Kalarah's palace

  • Location - Mountain of Sangua Mons
  • Population - 1,940,000
  • Head of City - Imperator Kalarah

Sangua Mons, or in its official title, The Great Citadel of the Mountain of Sangua Mons is the capital city of the Legion of Shiarchon, the largest city in Abyssus and among the largest and oldest cities on Koldenwelt. Sangua Mons is a reconstructed city built upon the ruins of the Void Fortress Avkhamadrilund, which when constructed by the Void Denizens over three hundred thousand years ago had hewn out the mountain to give the city multiple flattened tiers in order for inhabitants to live on. It was converted into a Shiarchon citadel after Imperator Kalarah had completed his exodus to Abyssus in 15,000 BNA, and by his orders did the Shiarchon construct new buildings upon the ancient, indestructible foundations of Avkhamadrilund.

Sangua Mons is the political seat of power of Abyssus and is home to Imperator Kalarah's palace overshadowing the mountain, re-purposed from the more intact construction of Avkhamadrilund on the higher levels of the city. The strategic position of Sangua Mons as a city is heavily protected by the western outposts of Abyssus and is over a thousand miles far from the northern gate.

  • Location - Northeastern Abyssus, Vaansandr Region
  • Population - 211,000
  • Head of City - Lord Balsus

Vaansandr is the capital city of the Vaan-ei, a Kelodhrosi race living under the rule of the Shiarchon, and is the largest city of the north-east of Abyssus and is its most eastern city overall. Vaansandr is both politically and culturally ruled by Lord Balsus, the head of state of the Vaansandr Region who resides in Vaansandr itself. The city was given political devolution after Kalarah granted them such close to 120 BNA. Historically it remains as one of Abyssus' most travelled-through cities due to its closeness to the northern gate.

  • Location - West of Abyssus
  • Population - Unspecified
  • Head of City - Kebra'Osos

Khor is the capital village of the Black Bone Horde and the center of Khorloron society in Abyssus. The village serves as the seat of power of the Khorloron Warboss, who resides there until assigned to a mission. Due to the Khorloron's barbarism and general primitive culture, few non-Khorloron visit the village. Additionally, due to its proximity to the Hive of the Sable Smeevers, the village is regularly attacked by them, much to the delight of the battle-loving Khorloron and the chagrin of the Shiarchon superiors of both races.

Fortresses Edit

  • Location - Great Eastern Wall
  • Population - Unspecified
  • Head of Fortress - Caligaduro Provectus (de facto), High Prophet Amusturrnys (de jure)

Osdaemonis, known in Chaospheric as Avkhámalasǣṃṓxaarek is the largest Void Fortress on Koldenwelt and to some extent, Koldenwelt's largest building. Covering six hundred square miles of land, Osdaemonis is currently the fortress and outpost to the largest phalanx of Void Denizens recently returned to Koldenwelt and is the seat of power and residence of Caligaduro Provectus, the Simulacrum of Destruction. It is both the holiest and most feared location in all of Abyssus and is the Legion of Shiarchon's religious centre.

  • Location - Northwestern Abyssus
  • Population - 30,000 labourers
  • Head of Fortress - Praetor Arcturus

Avkhamasaarkon, known as the Ruins of Caligaduro's Tower was once the tallest tower on Koldenwelt until it was razed to the ground by the Colossi in ancient times. The width of the tower's base, around 3,000 ft (914 m) in diameter indicates that the tower was of perplexing height, some believe to be tall enough to be indistinguishable to the blackness of space. In ancient times it served as a conduit of power for the Void Denizens in order to conjure the most powerful beasts from the plains of Nothing. In modern times however, the fortress under the supervision of Praetor Arcturus has undergone renovation in order to convert it into a fortress of its own. Much of the fortresses' darkstone walls that were broken during its collapse remain scattered across Abyssus and the Southern Mountains.

  • Location - Southern Mountains
  • Population - Unspecified, can house 400,000
  • Head of Fortress - Praetor Valentinianus

Thratandrovan or the Great Western Fortress is the largest Shiarchon-constructed fortress in Abyssus, strategically built in a valley against two mountain cliff faces. It is the fortress headed by Praetor Valentinianus, the head of the Legion's armies. The fortresses' foreboding appearance has driven many would-be settlers near its proximity to avoid it.

Race Edit

Sapients Edit

Wildlife Edit

  • Name - Ahzun
  • Relative Threat - High
  • Diet - Carnivore
  • Height - 3.5m - 7.5m
  • Creator - Xho

Ahzun or Abyssal Lions are creatures that resemble regular Koldenweltian lions though possess a mane created from three mouths and a large, unwieldy spiked tail. Though aggressive, both the Khorloron and Shiarchon domesticate the Ahzun for multiple purposes; the most being war mounts against their enemies and transport across the desert plains of Abyssus. The Ahzun's hide is virtually impenetrable though it is known that their eyes are critical weakspots.

  • Name - Cataphractus
  • Relative Threat - Low
  • Diet - None
  • Height - 4m
  • Creator - Xho

The Cataphractus are enigmatic golem-like horse mounts that the Shiarchon use for transportation through the roads of Abyssus. Nothing is known of their birth or formation but it is believed the first of the Cataphractus horses were originally giant horses later magically transformed by the tainted atmosphere of Abyssus. Despite their great weight and lumbering stature the Cataphractus mounts prove to be immensely fast in transport and can traverse distances of over a thousand miles in one day. Their unnatural pace gives rise to the belief that the Cataphractus are magically manifested creatures.

  • Name - Irascicon
  • Relative Threat - Very high
  • Diet - Carnivore
  • Height - 6.4m
  • Creator - Xho

The Irascicon are huge, voracious and dangerous forms of creatures that terrorise the wastes of Abyssus to all populations. Considered beyond taming by most Shiarchon standards, Irascicon claws are powerful enough to tear through Shiarchon steel and their immense size and speed that comes within the power of their legs often mean they can scale distances at terrifying pace and overpower almost any sapient victim they so come across. Irascicon tend to live in packs though encountering them in the wilderness of Abyssus is rare and are often only encountered in pairs at the most. Their name derives from the term irascible due to their nature.

Unique Creatures Edit

  • Name - Akhyrlktaikkalan
  • Relative Threat - Extremely high
  • Diet - None
  • Height - 115m
  • Creator - Xho

The legendary Akhyrlktaikkalan is an ancient abomination that has plagued the lands millennia before the Shiarchon made Abyssus their home. Many have come to believe that the Akhyrlktaikkalan is a horrific amalgamation of the corpses of creatures inhabited by a spirit that was called to Koldenwelt's surface by Caligaduro Provectus, whilst others say that the Akhyrlktaikkalan is in fact a manifested remainder of the Simulacrum's spirit. The creature is regarded by most Shiarchon as the most terrifying and destructive creature in Abyssus bar the other unique draconic horrors that terrorise its landscape; even the more intimidating wildlife in Abyssus tend to flee in its presence. The Akhyrlktaikkalan is said to resemble a six-winged Amphiptere.

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