Planet Artiste badge

Planet Artiste Badge

"You've used XX Planet Sculpting or Planet Coloring tools."

Awarded for using Planet Sculpting and Planet Coloring tools, these can be used all on a single planet or one on every planet.

You can easily earn this badge by quickly using all of your coloring and terraforming tools over and over.

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion Rewards
1 Use 5 Sculpting or Coloring tools 2 Terra Hills · Terra Craters
2 Use 25 Sculpting or Coloring tools 4 Terra River · Terra Canyon
3 Use 75 Sculpting or Coloring tools 6 Terra Plateaus · Terra Mesas
4 Use 150 Sculpting or Coloring tools 8 Terra Lava Flow · Terra Mountain
5 Use 250 Sculpting or Coloring tools 10 Terra Seas
Master Badge

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