Fire jetsEdit

Fire jets appear on Boiling Planets, Arid Planets, and Lava Planets. They damage your spaceship's health. When your ship's health is damaged by threats, a sound warns you of the damage. The lower you are, the higher the chance a Fire Jet will damage your ship.

Lava Planet

A Lava Planet with Fire Jets

Fire Jets

A Fire Jet

Electric StormEdit

This threat commonly appears on T0 planets and usually only damages ships on the planets surface. It appears as a small thunder storm on the planet. Similar storms can appear in the Creature stage, with rain, thunder, lighting, wind and pillars of light.

Meteor ShowersEdit

Meteor Showers usually appear on T0 planets and can cause a lot of damage on your ship. They can also be seen, occasionally, in Creature Stage, though they only do minor damage.

Rock GeysersEdit

Rock geysers are high speed geysers of rock and ice, and can do minor to medium damage to a players ship.

Ice GeysersEdit

Geysers shooting ice and gas from under the surface. They can damage your ship if you fly too close. They are unpredictable and shoot up from random locations on the surface, appearing on Ice Planets and Flurry Planets.


An Ice Geyser.

Fire StormsEdit

They are storms that are formed by Fire Jets, they float in the atmosphere and can damage your spaceship's health.

Fire Storms

A Fire Storm.


Whilrwinds are commonly found on Water Planets and are a dangerous threat to Spaceships at low levels.


Sometimes there is a volcano on a player's homeworld or by using the volcano tool. Flying into a volcano only causes minor damage.

Epic CreaturesEdit

Epic on Water

An Epic Creature throwing a Fireball

Cell StageEdit

Attacks your cell and other cells also.

Creature StageEdit

Attacks nests and creatures.

Tribal StageEdit

Attacks domesticated creatures and huts.

Civilization StageEdit

Epics can attack vehicles, turrets and cities in Civilization Stage with fireballs.

Space StageEdit

Spits fireballs at Spaceships.

Threats Minor Damage Medium Damage Major Damage
Fire Storms X O O
Fire Jets O O X
Meteor Showers X O X
Rock Geysers O X X
Ice Geysers O O X
Electric Storms X O O
Whirlwinds O O X
Epic/SS Creatures X X O
Volcanoes O X X

Artificial disastersEdit

Many disasters can be caused by your spaceship, such as ignoring disasters and meddling with the Terrascore.


Using Terrasculpting tools that add bodies of water or atmospheric generators can flood cities. This gives you a negative relation bonus with that empire.


Using the Gravitation Wave destroys all cities and settlements on a planet. Anti-Matter Bombs, ICBMs and Mega Bombs can cause mass destruction to cities, destroying them completely in many cases. Nuclear weapons can also leave radioactive waste pollution behind in cities that can last a long time.

Spore Galactic Adventures Edit

Lightning Edit

In addition to electric storms, lightning storms can also occur, which is powerful enough to kill low-health captains. It can also stun the player. However, there is always a warning (an electrical surge), but if the player sees that near by, the player should move very quickly in order to avoid it.

Getting run over and rock slides Edit

This can be observed in the civilization, space stages and adventures. In the civilization stage, the player can run over tribes, in space stages creatures can get run over by vehicles. And the player will be killed instantly by a vehicle in Adventures, if the vehicle is not on the allied team. Posse members and characters can also get killed by moving vehicles. In a similar way, the player can make rock slides that can kill the player's captain instantly.

Lava pits Edit

Lava pits will give minor damage to the player's health, and if walked over quickly enough, the player can avoid damage. Sometimes the player can entice an enemy to follow the captain into a lava pit. They can be added in the Adventure Editor. Sometimes, if a creature dies in lava, they will preform a humorous death sequence in which they scream and slowly become consumed by fire and sink into the lava. A few seconds later, they will leap back out of the lava and scream and flap their arms some more as if they were drowning in water, and then be gone completely.

Random Spore GA THE POE IMPS MUST BURN!!!!00:56


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