The Plasmic Howler is a Darkspore mutant from Cryos.

Lore Edit

On Cryos, pyramanders were once defenseless herbivores, easily culled by larger predators. But as soon as Darkspore mutations gave them the power to do so, pyramanders mindlessly blasted out territory for themselves and slaughtered those who'd previously made them cower. Their bulky, arm-mounted weapons are plasma blasters, each emitting super-heated matter that gain energy as it travels, so that the further away an enemy is, the greater his wounds.

Abilities Edit

  • Melee attacks inflict energy vulnerability
  • Fast moving minions with a plasma energy melee attack.
  • Each attack causes a permanent stacking energy vulnerability debuff.

Trivia Edit

  • On two enemies are given this description. This is most likely a mistake.

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