Pleasedtomeetya is a Maxis-made creature, present in the final game. It first appeared in the Creature Creator. It has one arm and an eyed tail. Pleasedtomeetya's hand is probably used to greet other creatures.

Pleasedtomeetya is a carnivore, but it is not very adept at combat. This only attacks are a weak bite and weak, stunning charge. Their eyed tails is probably used to see potential attackers coming from behind.

While socializing, Pleasedtomeetya isn't a good singer. They, however, are good at charming, and can dance, but not too impressive. They also can run for a short while.


  • Pleasedtomeetya sounds like 'Pleased to meet ya', which may be a reference to how pleasedtomeetya's hand moves when it walks looking like it's shaking hands.

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