Ploogals are wingless, birdlike bipeds with bumpy, reptilian, striped skin. They are herbivorous and are very social and tactful, preferring to use their skills to create allies with other nests. They are fairly passive creatures. If there's trouble, they will usually sneak or run away, although they will sometimes attack if provoked. If they do fight, they don't dive in head first and take a greater risk than they need to take. They are very intelligent creatures and follow an advanced procedure. They will spit poison at stragglers and annoy them into coming closer, then they charge at the enemy and begin spitting, biting and slashing at the dazed and weakened creature, which is too shocked and hurt to fight back until it dies. This way they sustain minimum wounding, and hardly ever die when killing off enemies. They like to pick off the stronger creatures first, and will usually fight only one or two at a time.

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