ZN Boss

Vex engages Polaris in combat atop the Zelem's Nexus boss pit.

Polaris: The Gravity Manipulator is a Quantum boss from Darkspore. His name was leaked by people who attended the PAX Expo, and were given the opportunity to play Darkspore. He is fought on Zelem's Nexus.

Lore Edit

Having been physically weak his entire life, Polaris was fascinated by powerful cosmic forces, and how to apply such energies towards destruction.

At the same facility pioneering E-DNA research, Polaris was designing a prototype combat exoskeleton. When E-DNA mutants slaughtered the scientists who gave them life, Polaris piloted his own combat suit, suppressing the uprising. But that emergency experiment came at cost: the Darkspore destroyed the war suit, and Polaris suffered terrible injuries.

Convalescing for years, Polaris obsessed over the flaws of his design and the fact that flesh creatures could crush his combat mechanism. Eventually Polaris sought Crogenitor Xylan, who convinced him to fuse his own research with Xylan's, so he would never be vulnerable again.

And so Polaris joined Xylan in a pact that ultimately caused the downfall of the galaxy.

Xylan transfected Polaris into a gigantic, relentless smasher with terrifying gravitic powers. He could deploy multiple miniature black holes to attract and crush projectiles and hostiles, and unstable singularities functioning as time-bombs. He also could overpower his victims via gravitic projection.

Battle Strategy Edit

Upon entering the area, Polaris will roar a strange, raspy howl, and begin teleporting around the arena. When he does this, it is best to use heroes with ranged weapons to damage him. He will teleport to certain areas and generate miniature black holes, which will pull you towards them, as well as any projectiles. Melee attackers may be at a disadvantage here, as any attack that is directly delivered to Polaris will be evaded when he slows down the time field around him. He can also summon smaller enemies to aid him in battle. Upon death, Polaris will shriek, levitate off of the ground and then disappear in a blinking flash, as if he were a TV screen being turned off. After his defeat, you may beam up to complete the mission.

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