Protein Synthesis is a Maxis-made adventure. It isn't included with Spore Galactic Adventures and must be downloaded from Sporepedia. This educational adventure teaches the basics about the DNA transcription and translation.

Act I: Getting StartedEdit

The player will appear on a classroom. All you have to do is talk to Mrs. Atoms.

Act II: InnerspaceEdit

First, follow Dweeble to the Shrinkolator. The player's captain will appear on a large room filled with blood cells. Bacterias can also be found near you. After the player enters the portal, he/she will appear inside a cell. In this room, the player now must enter into the nucleus and examine the DNA.

Act III: Unzipping the DNAEdit

The player now must talk to the Helicase. After talking, the player must collect 5 Cytosine-Guanine Hydrogen Bonds and 5 Thymine-Adenine Hydrogen Bonds.

Act IV: Synthesizing Messenger RNAEdit

In this act, the player must unite several creatures resembling the DNA's parts. To make a creature go to another, the player must give Pyrophosphates to it. These can be found in the ground.

Act V: Translation: mRNA to ProteinEdit

The united creatures will transform into messenger RNA. Grab the mRNA, go back to the cell room and give the mRNA to the Active Ribosome.

Act VI: Remember the Complements!Edit

Several structures will appear near to the Active Ribosome. All of them will explode after you grab them, except for the one you must gather. You can identify it by the fact it has no name. After you get it, give it to the Active Ribosome.

Act VII: Home AgainEdit

You have created a protein! Now, go back to the classroom and talk to Mrs. Atoms, who will say you passed the class!

Act VIIIEdit

The characters will commemorate. Just wait 10 seconds and the adventure will end.