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Pulses are weapons that fire spherical pulses of plasma towards their target. While they can be used against spaceships or aircraft, they are unguided and slow, making them a poor choice for ship-to-ship combat. However, they are very precise, often making them better at capturing (as opposed to destroying) cities than Bombs usually are. The Pulse ship tool can be used effectively to wipe out the many villages on a Tribal-Stage planet, allowing the player to colonize it.

Plasma Pulsers are related, hand-held weapons. However, unlike the ship-fired weapons, the pulse blasts from Plasma Pulsers are capable of changing direction to hit their target. On the other hand, pulse blasts will fade away quickly, allowing the target to run away for a short burst and sometimes avoid being hit.

Requirements Edit

Level Requirements Damage per pulse Energy used per pulse Energy Efficiency Description
Mini Pulse Icon
Mini Pulse
Colonist 1 or Conqueror 1 75 0.5 150 Fires a weak burst in a straight line. Good against ground targets.
Mini Pulse Icon
Colonist 2 or Conqueror 2, Mini Pulse 150 1 150 Fires a medium-powered burst in a straight line. Good against ground targets.
Mini Pulse Icon
Mega Pulse
Colonist 3 or Conqueror 3, Pulse 450 1.5 300 Fires a powerful burst in a straight line. Good against ground targets.

Purchase Edit

Empire type Purchase Cost
Mini Pulse Icon Mini Pulse Icon Mini Pulse Icon
Own §200,000 §400,000 §1,200,000
Trader §130,000 §260,000 §780,000
Warrior / Knight §100,000 §200,000 §600,000
Zealot §150,000 §300,000 §900,000

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